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Melody Wright                        President                                Spring 2022

Helena Dahlen                       Vice President                        Spring 2022

Desiree Stonesifer                 Treasurer                                Spring 2022


Annie Byrd                                                              Spring 2022

Helena Dahlen                                                        Spring 2021

Shelly Graham                                                        Spring 2021

Lisa Harris                                                               Spring 2021

Sharon Maul                                                           Spring 2022

Barbara Smith                                                        Spring 2021

Diana Smith                                                            Spring 2022

Desiree Stonesifer                                                  Spring 2022

Dawn Stoute                                                           Spring 2021

Melody Wright                                                        Spring 2022

Leslie Kruger                                  New Employee Orientation-Shared Governance

University Service Commitments:

Athletic Policy Committee:  Desiree Stonesifer

Council of University System Staff (CUSS):  Sheryl Gibbs and Dawn Stoute

Campus Equity Advisory Council (CEAC):  Sharon Maul (reorganization) and Barbara Smith

Information Technology Committee:  Helena Dahlen

Landscape Stewardship Committee:  Sharon Paul

Library Policy Committee:  Shelly Graham

Personnel Review Committee:  Melody Wright and Helena Dahlen

Research Council:  Lisa Harris

Secretary to NESS:  Desiree Stonesifer

Staff Development Committee:  Helena Dahlen and Dawn Stoute

University Steering Committee:  Melody Wright and Helena Dahlen

Ad-Hoc Committees

Parking Advisory Committee:  Shelly Graham

Preschool Advisory Committee:  Melody Wright